Going Gray … in a Nail Polish Way

August 4, 2010

Some women can’t leave the house without mascara, or making sure their pout is red. Well, I can’t leave my apartment without my nails painted! Due to this ritual, I am always looking for a new color to add to my already, out of control, polish collection. And, I found a new addition … gray!

After seeing Vanity Fair’s September Style Issue with Mz. Lady Gaga on the cover, I instantly fell in love with the gray polish. I loved the fact that it wasn’t shiny, or glittery. It was a beautiful gray matte, and I made it my weekend mission to find the perfect gray shade.

While walking around Soho on Saturday afternoon, I pretty much went into any little beauty supply store I could find. Finally, I found a little store on Broadway (Eve Beauty Source) that had an amazing selection of nail polishes (I will be giving this store a lot of business in the years to come).

Of course I’m a fan of O.P.I. products, but sometimes I feel the need to branch out and try a new brand. It’s a good thing I was feeling adventurous that day because I found a perfect shade of gray … by Essie. It’s called Chinchilly, and it was only $5.99! And, if you’re in NYC, the Union Square Walgreens has a great selection of Essie polishes. But, if you can’t find this brand at a store near you, you can easily order it online. Here are a few sites where you can find Essie polishes:




I couldn’t wait to try it out, so later that night, I got out my base coat and painted two coats of Chinchilly onto my nails. It went on very smoothly and evenly … I was in love. And the gray color was perfect, exactly what I was looking for. After two coats were on, I dipped my fingers into a bowl of ice cold water for a couple of minutes (it’s a great way to dry your nails … fast)! And the best part about this polish … days later it still looks great. The color and the product receive a nice solid A from me.

Sporting the new shade

I live for glitter



Mmmm … Bright Fuchsia Lips

April 20, 2010

This past weekend I went to an 80’s theme party at a club. I had the perfect neon green outfit and big hair, and I wanted to finish off my look with some hot pink lips. I didn’t know how much I would like this color on me, so I decided to check out the selection at Target before I splurged on another lipstick at Sephora (my collection is getting out of control)! While I was walking down the aisles, a Revlon shade caught my eye. At first I thought the only reason I recognized the circular sticker was because it was hot pink, but when I checked out the lipstick, it was exactly what I was looking for. And the best part … it was under $6.

Later that night, I had quite a few girls ask me about my lipstick while we freshened up in the bathroom. It was at that point, that I knew I was in love with this fuchsia shade. And, yes, that means a trip to Sephora … and probably the MAC counter!

Must-have fuchsia shades:

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion. You can find it at any drug store and it’s under $6.00. http://www.revlon.com/en/Revlon-Home/Products/Lips/Lipstick/Revlon-Super-Lustrous-Lipstick.aspx

Lancome Color Design lipstick in Fuchsia Clutch, $22.

Fuchsia Clutch -- Click Here

And finally check out Utter Fun, a brilliant fuchsia pink shade, by MAC. This shade has a bit of shimmer to it, which makes it perfect for summer. http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/spp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT168&PRODUCT_ID=310

I live for glitter


Jump on the Cargo train

April 14, 2010

Right now cargo is hot, and I feel like it’s going to stick around for a while … which is fine with me! This look is fabulous because cargo goes well with skinny jeans and boyfriend-style pants! And try rolling up a pair of cargo boyfriend jeans and wearing a pair of heels for an amazing look!

Just in case you need another reason to add some cargo to your closet, this trend is fierce. It will make you feel like a tough woman who can take on the world in a pair of gray cargo skinny jeans.

Now check out my top five cargo picks:

Michael Kors -- Click Here

Michael Kors Skinny Zippered jeans with cargo pockets, $109.50, Bloomingdales. The zippers on these jeans make them even tougher!

Rhianna rocking J Brand -- Click Here

This pair of Houlihan Skinny Cargo jeans by J Brand are extraordinary. Right now they are available at nationaljeancompany.com. Even Rihanna has been seen rocking these jeans!

These satin crop cargo pants from New York & Company, $69, are extremely classy and perfect for summer.

NewYork & Company -- Click Here

Free People -- Click Here

I love these cargo pants by Free People, $98, Bloomingdales.They’re great because they’re comfy, yet you can still dress them up with a fancy top and pair of heels.

Alice + Olivia came out with an amazing and different pair of cargo pants … and I love them! The best part is the elastic around the ankles. And since they have a casual fit, they will look fabulous with a curve-hugging top!

Alice + Olivia -- Click Here

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Who wears … Long shorts? …

April 13, 2010

Sometimes shorter is better, but right now there is nothing better than bringing the shorts to the knee.

One of the best things about knee-length shorts is how classy they can be by day, and how sexy they can be by night! You can pair these shorts with a professional pair of two-inch heels for the office, and then dress them up with a tank and those shoes that make you feel on top of the world.

Just like short shorts, longs shorts can come in skinny and loose styles, and there are rules about what to wear with each style. When going with skinny shorts, wear a loose-fitting top, or a tank with a light cardigan over it. And the opposite goes for loose shorts. To avoid looking frumpy, wear a form-fitting top. And for a party look, a fancy tank top … maybe with a little bit of shine!

Now get ready to add some variety to your short shorts collection!

These Editor style shorts from Express are perfect for the office. And they are only $44.50.

City Shorts - Click Here

Victoria’s Secret came out with an amazing pair of khaki City Shorts (left). As you can see, they provide a great professional look when paired with a blazer!

For a Saturday afternoon, I love these last two pairs of shorts. The first pair is from American Apparel, $28 (bottom right).  They look so comfortable and come in eight colors!

Thick-Knit Page Boy Short -- Click Here

And then there is a pair of loose-fitting khaki shorts from ASOS. Once again, these
shorts have comfort written all over them! See for yourself below.

ASOS Khaki Shorts -- Click Here

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Must have of the moment…Dark Blue Eyeshadow

April 12, 2010

Right now every woman needs a dramatic blue eyeshadow!

I decided this while watching Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video. While Gaga was busy making a sandwich, I couldn’t help but notice her deep blue eyeshadow. 

I’ve always been a fan of dark eye makeup, and these deep blue shades create an intriguing smokey eye … without using black and gray shades!

To create this look, check out three of my favorite shades …

MAC Deep Truth -- Click Here

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve been in love with MAC products. So, of course I believe that MAC Cosmetics makes one of the best blue eyeshadows out there! My pick is Deep Truth, $14.50. With this dark blue shade, you will be well on your way to matching your lids to Lady Gaga’s!

Lately, it’s been color heaven at Sephora! Well, I guess it always is at Sephora, but their selection of blue eyeshadow has blown me away! While shopping there the other week, I fell in love with an iridescent navy blue eyeshadow from MAKE UP FOR EVER. The shade is Metallic Navy Blue

Metallic Navy Blue Iridescent -- Click Here

Iridescent 81, $19. I love this one because it adds a bit of shimmer to the navy color, which makes it a great day color!

And finally, you can’t go wrong with Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Riviera Blue. And the best part … you can find it at any drugstore or retail store!

Alright ladies, let’s create a new meaning of “blue eyes”!

I live for glitter


Here it goes …

April 12, 2010

I’m starting something new with I Live for Glitter!    

Everyday there are particular items and trends that I think all women should know about. So, each day I’m going to pick something to share with you. I’m calling them “must haves of the moment.”

My goal is to share what I love with the world … or at least with anyone who reads this. Maybe I’ll help someone find their new favorite eyeshadow shade or perfect pair of jeans! Oh, I can only hope …


Stud it up …

February 15, 2010

Creating my own studded top on the floor of my bedroom. Life doesn't get much better than this!

I believe that studs don’t just belong in your ears! They also belong on your clothes and accessories, and in my world they are a “must have” right now! I love studs on everything from T-shirts to shoes. And if you want to get real creative, I think adding studs to your wardrobe is a fabulous idea.

Right now I am obsessed with studs and jewels on the shoulders of shirts. Now, this is one look you can definitely do on your own (trust me, I did this last week and wore the shirt this weekend). I was inspired by a version that I saw on Topshop’s web site.


This amazing top is $44, but if you are looking for something more affordable, bring out your artsy side and create your own version! I had a black short-sleeved T-shirt that I picked up for $6 at H&M, bought some fun jewels at a craft store and plugged my glue gun in. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I received a lot of compliments on my outfit when I was out this weekend.

I am all about leggings, but lately my black leggings can bore me sometimes, so, of course I think adding some studs is the perfect solution. I found an amazing pair at Nordstrom for only $28!


Also, check out this pair of leggings at Charlotte Russe, $22.99.


If studs on your legs aren’t your thing, then having some studs around the waist never hurt anyone…especially when they’re on a flower! Check out this belt for $12.95 at New York & Company.


Lately, I’ve been wearing gloves … a lot. I have a pair with studs on them, and they are one of my favorite accessories. I want to add another pair to my collection, and I think splurging on a pair like this from Topshop might be necessary! They are so, “Hi Lady Gaga, do you like my studded gloves?”


Since I like studs … pretty much everywhere … of course I want them on my shoes. I get bored with my plain black flats, so why not get a studded pair. Well, these are $395, but I just added some studs to my flats, and there you have it, a pair of black studded flats.


Forget about making these yourself…they are only $32.99 at Charlotte Russe…so just go buy them!


Not only do I love studs, but I also love zippers…so zippers and studs on a pair of shoes … I am in love. And they are under $50. Check them out at Alloy.com!


So, stud yourself up from head to toe … but not all at once of course!

I live for glitter xoxo